Derby City Council

Why does the Mayor of Derby find this banner so ‘offensive’?

It would seem that the Mayor of Derby doesn’t know whether to be sympathetic to the cause of the Teaching Assistants, or to be offended by a banner which one parent felt was the only way that he could make his voice heard. The Mayor is somewhat duplicitous in this short video…

3 months on from this event, the dispute continues

– What is “offensive” is that the education of children is being undermined, especially of those most vulnerable,

– What is “offensive” is that relatively low paid people, mainly women, are having their salaries cut on a false premise,

–  What is “offensive” is that the Labour Council shows no compassion, empathy, care, or drive to resolve this,

–  What is “offensive” is that Labour Councillors are NOT communicating with the representatives of the Schools Support staff to come to a reasonable conclusion

– What is “offensive” is that Labour Councillors think that a 25% pay cut is in any way reasonable.


– What is NOT “offensive” is a concerned parent holding up a banner in the seat of our local democracy trying to make his voice heard.

– What is NOT “offensive” is standing up for your rights, and for those of your children.

Dear Madam Mayor – please don’t be offended – do a great thing during your time in office, and help resolve this situation.

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  1. It isn’t right to be cutting TA’s wages. This is someone’s livelihood we’re talking about. It’s possible for a TA to bring up children on this income – there aren’t many jobs like this available to parents – where they can more easily fit their work around family commitments. Most TA’s are women doing exactly this. Start eating away at the wages and shifting the goalposts regarding hours worked means more stress and expense for women/ parents to maintain themselves in this job,( eg having to find childcare costs out of their wages). There is much pressure on women to balance work and home and increasingly women feel they should fill both roles, in fact many women have always had to do this for their families. So please don’t start eating away at another role in our society that working parents can more comfortably fill. There are too many women already depending on part-time work, leaving home early in the morning, working nights, evenings and weekends, depending on a few part-time jobs, juggling. Not because they want to leave their families but because they have to. The teaching assistant’s job is one that offers the promise of a more stable, (though still low-paid, considering the TA’s ever increasing responsibilities) work/life balance.There aren’t enough of these jobs about. We contribute our time and labour for the good of society and to take care of our own children but often our own families suffer.

  2. Out goes Banwait along with the unfeeling heartless so called mayor , in my younger days a mayor was there for the people and the banner should have been left up for our disabled children’s rights .

  3. Shocking behaviour by banwait and that woman its just like these types not to stand up to true feeling and common sense but that’s what happens when you put the lower orders in power

    • Never come across such a corrupt dictatorial shower as this crowd, we should all support UKIP and get some truth and realism into this council . No confidence .

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