Derby City Council

Derby City Councillor’s 2015 expenses – Surprising!?


Obtained under Freedom of Information – this is the full list of all expenses claimed in 2015.

I must confess, I was expecting it to be a longer list, and to be a much greater sum. I imagine that Councillor’s have different personal policies for deciding what they claim, and what they consider is contained within their allowances.

Derwent and Chaddesden  must have unique challenges when it comes to travelling on Council business!

Any comments?

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  1. Given your previous posts I am sure your disappointed. Maybe it’s simple,councillors are working hard and making difficult decisions due to Tory cuts.

    • Not disappointed, surprised. My previous posts challenge the leadership of the Council, which excludes about 85% of the Councillors, and it is only the leadership that really make the decisions.

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