“Yes to Life” for Cancer on a “Road Less Travelled”

Inspired by the loss of his father to cancer, Simon Jones (aka Praxis), produced an album, “A Road Less Travelled”,  of music, spoken word, and hip-hop, from some of the finest talent in Derby. This was officially launched last night at a gig at the “Hairy Dog” in town. The proceeds from the album, as well as takings on the door, will be donated to “Yes to Life” a charity that provides information and financial assistance to those people with cancer, who want to pursue treatments that are not currently available through the NHS……a “road less travelled” …by many.

Their philosophy is expressed as :

“Yes to Life sees the mental, emotional and spiritual state of a person with cancer as a foundational aspect of any treatment programme. It is vital that anyone feeling they are a ‘victim of cancer’ begin to take control of their situation as early as possible, that they start to make informed decisions about their treatments and that they take full ownership of whatever path they choose. We read every day in the newspapers and online about people’s ‘battle’, ‘fight’ with cancer along with the words: ‘victim’, ‘terminal, ‘beat’, ‘cure’, ‘survivor’. We use the words: ‘optimism’; ‘empower’, ‘options’, ‘individual’ and ‘choice’”

There is an increasing body of people who believe that the conventional treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are potentially major contributors to cancer deaths. The message is “be informed” and “make a choice”.

The gig was held at the “Hairy Dog” on Becket Street which has recently won a legal case to allow it to extend its premises and create a new 400 capacity room on the same site – creating new hope, promise, and opportunity for music in the area.

Full Line-Up:

Jo ‘Spice’ Blackwood’s ‘Springboard’
Li Laurent
Ranty Granty’s ‘New Rose’
Evergreen & Lemz
Sophie Sparham’s ‘Introductory Gathering’
Jamie Joseph
Dathan Horridge’s ‘Sweet’
Abakus & Aoikid

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