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Council’s incompetence costs Derby Tax payers £2.8m by axing Citizens Advice Bureau

This chart, based on an independent examination by the Treasury, concluded that the £200,000 paid by Derby City Council to the Citizens Advice Bureau, would save £3 million elsewhere in the Council budget – in the same year. It would also generate income of £800,000 through additional funding to the City.

So, the Council’s decision to cut the £200,000 has actually COST the City £2.8m, and NOT SAVED the City any money.

The Council’s presentation to themselves, and the people in the City, only concentrates on one part of the equation – the cost. Anyone who knows anything about financial decision making knows that you must include all relevant costs and all relevant benefits for a competent decision to be made. By totally ignoring the benefits, confirms my view that the Council does not know how to make such decisions, have their own eye firmly focussed on a political agenda, and are using the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, as well as the other Voluntary Sector Organisations, as part of their cynical political strategy – the losers being the vulnerable residents of Derby – the very people they claim to be representing.

Voluntary Sector: 100% Council Grant cuts will be negligent and cynical

I doubt that Cllr Banwait, and the rest of the Cabinet will have any response to this, other than to repeat their tired and simplistic rhetoric. which no longer has any credibility.

This is notwithstanding that 10,000 people per year will have nowhere to go to resolve their many problems, other than to queue up in the Council Offices. Perhaps Cllr Banwait would like to explain to them what his Plan B is?




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