Charity Grants

Voluntary Sector Grants : Cllr Repton promises to help every organisation mitigate the loss of funding.

ReptonDuring the Cabinet agenda item on February 10th about the Voluntary Sector Grants cuts, Cllr Jones made the valid point that the Council had indicated that they would offer “mitigating actions” to offset the effects of the policy to remove the funding. She also highlighted the fact that some organisations may be able to secure alternative funding later on in the year, but that the Council would remove their support in May/June 2016, and questioned whether the Council could help those organisations in that situation to bridge the inevitable gap. She also asked about how the Council would help with identifying alternative funding streams.

Cllr Repton’s view on mitigation was to meet with “each and every group and looking ….if there is any way forward for them”…before swiftly repeating his rhetoric about there being no money, without any consideration about how much that might actually be. He repeated that they would discuss with “every group…any alternative funding sources, different ways which they may wish to operate”

Given that the Council will give only 3 months notice of withdrawal of funding then the Council need to move very fast to get round to “each and every” organisation, offer them advice, and enact some form of mitigation, before the grant is finally axed. That probably means that they will need to visit 1 organisation each day. That process has not yet started to my knowledge – I just wonder how long it will be before they start….or did Cllr Repton go “off-script” in answering the question and commit to something else that’s not going to be delivered?

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