Derby Soup – local crowdfunding of small projects – with something to eat.


Raising money to fund small projects, locally, can be bureaucratic, something of a mystery, and arguably, undemocratic. It always leaves questions as to where the money went, was it really a good cause and who really benefitted….is faceless for those who are funding it and requires no personal accountability from the recipient.

On the 30th September there will be the first ever Derby Soup. The format and idea will be based on the pioneering Detroit Soup events that have proved very successful in the US. The Soup is a vehicle for getting people together, and through the act of sharing food, it promotes a more heightened sense of community which is the underpinning aspect of this initiative. There is no form filling, or bureaucracy, just the spoken word…and soup.

The concept is simple. Everyone who attends makes a suggested donation of a minimum of £3 for the soup. People who have community ideas which benefit the locality and which require funding present their ideas to the audience. Everyone has soup, discusses the proposals, and then votes on the one that they prefer. The person with most votes receives all of the money. 3 months later, they come back and explain what happened with their project and how the funding was used.

It is a great opportunity for a group of people, ( and the larger the better), to make a real difference in a focussed and community-centric way and one that reinforces the sense of society back to something which we seem to have lost over the decades and centuries.

Derby Soup is a project established by Spectrum Derbyshire based at the Mandela Centre on Pear Tree Road. The inaugural Soup will be on the 30th from 6.00pm in the Heart of the Park ( next to the café), in Arboretum Park.

Anyone who has an idea that needs funding should contact Sonya at Spectrum Derbyshire

Tel: 01332 347066

Derby Soup Facebook Page

Derby Soup


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