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Patrick Satchwell: Caring for the environment in Normanton


Although Patrick Satchwell originates from Jamaica his surname has a legacy dating back to the Norman Conquest when his namesakes settled in Derbyshire. There were Satchwell landed gentry associated with the area in the following centuries.  Perhaps there is something that stayed with the name that has driven Patrick to be concerned about the state of his neighbourhood.

He runs a hot food outlet, Sips and Bites, on Normanton Road, close to one of the entrances to the famous Arboretum Park. He bemoans the fact that such a jewel in Derby’s crown is not heralded by a prominent sign on the road, and more featured  on the regular tourist routes.

Normanton Road is renowned for being a fast-moving, busy, slightly chaotic, and often litter-strewn place with few redeeming features. Patrick has tried to do his part by keeping the area outside of his shop as clean and tidy as possible. A few years ago, in conjunction with Sustrans/Pocket Places Derby, he developed the idea of siting planters along the stretch of pavement adjacent to his shop together with permanent bollards. The aim was to brighten the area up as well as to detract motorists from illegally parking. It finally came to fruition this Spring when the work was completed. Soon, seats will be attached to the planters to give people the opportunity to “take a break”, engage with each other, and promote a sense of community.


He has his sights on future projects. Over the road is the car park and a poorly kept green area which is unattractive. Although maintained by the Council, the mowing is done in record time, cutting corners, but little grass. His idea is that this should be the gateway to the Arboretum – to attract people into the locality.


He also has concerns about the small park, and children’s play area on Stanhope Street near to the Gurdwara. It is badly lit, is occasionally a place where needle sharers meet, and is a magnet for discarded rubbish, and free food for the local birds. The children have few options, so he feels that it should be made safe, pleasant, and a draw for the community.

As a regular resident of the area he senses that he is up against Councillors who show little interest in fighting for the small but important improvements that will have widespread benefit. His aspiration is to run for Council Office and use this position to really drive through the many changes that are needed. …..and carrying on the tradition of the Satchwell name in Derbyshire.


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  1. All good news – but on my last (daytime) visit to the Arboretum I found the gates locked so the Council seems to be trying to drive people away.

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