Do What You Want Live : Age & Disability Service event at Derby Arena

Derby is served by hundreds of organisations and charities that provide advice, services and equipment for disabled adults & children, older people, carers and professionals. Over 120 of those, were brought together at the Derby Arena as part of the “Do What You Want Live” event arranged by Disability Direct. Every angle, perspective and condition seemed to be covered, together with many innovative ways to help individuals fulfill themselves and be active, independent,  and integrated members of the community;  arts, sports, outings, travel, finance, legal rights, care and many more

The value of this event is not only to promote services but also to facilitate networking, contacts, and partnerships between the groups.

The Derby Arena was full of displays and was well attended by visitors throughout the day. The event was attended by John Partridge of East Enders fame, and he spent most of his time talking in-depth at each of the stalls,  as well as being a constant photo-opportunity.

Whilst the event is annual the opportunity to discover organisations is all year round and the Do What You Want (DWYW) searchable Directory is on-line. Organisations can include themselves and become part of the larger network.

As new organisations form, old ones disappear, merge, or evolve, new legislation creates more possibilities, or makes life more difficult, then the need for this “eco-system” to be constantly connecting is imperative to ensure the valued work of these organisations is used to their full.

It seems like a never-ending opportunity….

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