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Jobsearch-Employment-Mentoring: A real JEM, helping people back into work and employability

6X4A5414Jobsearch-Employment-Mentoring (JEM) is a young organisation but is blessed with a huge amount of experience. Dr Patrick Boateng, who is the Founding Director, and Rex Panti-Amoa, his colleague in JEM, have been working in the broad fields of personnel, training, management, and employability for decades in the Derbyshire area.

JEM was formed 2 years ago, and its approach is all about working with people on a 1:1 basis over a long period of time, helping them to identify their needs,  supporting them through the job-searching and recruitment process, and even providing guidance after they have gained employment. The target population tends to be people who are low in confidence, and aspirations, quite often people who have poor English language skills, and who need personal attention. They would not benefit from the production line process used in other establishments.

Over the last few years 105 people have been helped into work ( paid employment or volunteering), or higher education.

Today was the launch event for the new funding year which starts in a few days time, with funding provided by Futures Advice. The target is modest at 12-15 people; but funding is very low. It is likely that more people will actually benefit from JEM’s service than this, and the capacity is there to do this.

JEM is all about quality, and sustainability of service not the number of people that just pass through its doors each day…and this is what makes it a real JEM!


JEM can be contacted through this link

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