Derby City Council

Derby City Council Voluntary Sector Grant Aid: Reports of cuts “have been greatly exaggerated”.

There seems to have been much confusion and misunderstanding around the position on Grant aid from the Derby City Council to the Voluntary and Community  and Faith (VCF) Sector. The worst extent of scaremongering is to suggest that the Grant Aid has been cut by 100% from 31 March 2015, or at best that there is some ambiguity over the future of the Grant Aid.

This diverts the attention away from the real debate which should focus on the transparency of the process to ensure that Grant Aid funds are allocated based on quality of service that a VCF can provide relative to the outcomes required by the Council / people of Derby not based on legacy operation or personal friendships / contacts / networks.

In summary, and to paraphrase:

  • The 3 year Grant Aid comes to an end on 31 March 2015 – it needs to be updated and renewed. All VCF organisations should have known that the Grant Aid, formally, had a finite life. That is evident from their contract. Perhaps some have “taken their eye off the ball”.
  • The Council have not carried out a review of priorities/ outcomes etc which needs to be done as part of a wider consultation and budget review. The question could be asked, why leave it so late?
  • The Council do not wish the services of the Grant Aid funded VCF’s to be interrupted, hence the extension of the agreement to 30 September 2015.
  • No VCF has had any funding cut from 31 March 2015. No decisions have been taken.

The action for all VCF’s is to be enagaged and mindful of the consultation exercise during February. Make sure that they are prepared for bidding in April / May. Recommendations are in May/June with decisions in June/July to allow for a seamless transition on 1 October 2015.


By reference to the publicly available documentation issued, and minuted relating to the Council Cabinet Meeting on 21 January 2015. This is as detailed in papers issued prior to the meeting:


The Council and Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (SDCCG)
currently have grant funding agreements with Voluntary and Community and Faith
(VCF) Sector organisations for a range of preventative and infrastructure services.
The three year agreements were established after a grant funding process in 2011-12
and are due to end in March 2015. Appendix 2 provides a list of agreements. The
current total of the funding provided for these services is £878,329, of which £577,237
is Council funding and £301,092 is SDCCG funding.

A review of the monitoring, annual review and other information provided by these
organisations has confirmed that they are able to provide cost effective services that
meet or exceed their output and outcome targets. Current services support hard to
reach sections of the community and vulnerable people who, without these services,
may be at risk of requiring additional intensive support from health and social care.

The Council and SDCCG have developed joint draft outcomes for preventative
services that will support the Derby Plan, the draft Derby Health and Wellbeing
Strategy and the implementation of the Care Act, draft outcomes are set out in
Appendix 3. A joint Council and SDCCG consultation exercise, based on these draft
outcomes, has been arranged that will run in parallel with the consultation on the
Health and Wellbeing Strategy. It is proposed that after these consultation exercises,
and subject to confirmation of the Council’s 2015-16 Revenue Budget a final set of
operational grant aid outcomes will be used to inform a joint grant aid process in April
and May 2015

To meet the timelines for consultation on the joint outcome and a potential grant aid
process it is necessary to extend the existing grant aid agreement commitments for a
further six months to the end of September 2015.


To approve the extension of existing grant funding arrangements until 30 September
To consider a further report in March 2015 on the results of the consultation exercise
and recommendations for a joint grant funding exercise in April-May 2015.

This was confirmed in the Minutes of the Meeting



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