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Derby Women’s Centre – Urgent funds required to continue support for vulnerable Women

4f99e5b2acd5b2fd29090122c91b6a91_400x400Following cuts in council services, and cuts in support for other charitable organisations, who specifically provide services to Women, Derby Women’s Centre has seen a 65% increase in the demand for their services. They have outgrown the confines of their premises and have recently received funding to extend, and re-furbish their buildings to facilitate an increase in women accessing their service. Funding is provided for building and infrastructure costs only.

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Despite much haggling, and discounting for necessary materials to make the buildings usable they are still short of funds. They need to carpet the building throughout the 2 floors and up the stair case; this is specifically excluded from the funding. They cannot re-open the Centre without the carpetting. In the meantime they are crammed into the next door building which is severely curtailing their ability to offer their services….as the demand continues to increase.

They need an additional £1300. Any donation below £10 is match-funded ( Local Giving contribute an equivalent amount to that donated). Please click on the link and support them with a donation – the sooner they get the £1300, the sooner they can continue to provide support to the vulnerable women in Derby who need a safe and non-judgemental place to go for advice, training, counselling etc.



Background on Derby Women’s Centre:

We are a local charity supporting women from across the East Midlands to improve their mental health and wellbeing, increase their confidence and self-esteem, access training opportunities and lead more independent lives. 

 We deliver a number of services, including counselling, support groups, advice services (legal; debt/benefit/housing, and pre-employment support) and a range of workshops and activities to build confidence, offer creative therapeutic benefits and reduce stress and anxiety. 

 From humble beginnings in 1978, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of generic support services in the Derbyshire area. Our services are open to all women, regardless of situation or background. Because we do not restrict our services to any particular demographic, we can support all women who need our help.

 There has been a 65 per cent increase in demand for our services over the last two years, largely down to significant cuts to women’s services in the local area. Many of our service users are from Derby city (notably from postcodes in Normanton, Littleover, Chaddesden, Spondon, Allenton, Alvaston and Mackworth) but we are now supporting a growing number of women in Derbyshire. A small number of service users come to us from outside the county due to inadequate or non-existent services in their local area. 

 We are now one of the few places in which local women can receive non-judgemental support in an environment that is committed to being safe, welcoming and confidential. This has led us to look at expanding our service delivery further so that we can support a greater number of service users. 

 The extension part of the project will allow us to add crèche facilities so that women with childcare requirements are able to access support services and will enable us to expand our service delivery further. We anticipate that we will be able to support 25 per cent more women once the building is reopened.



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