Normanton - General

Arboretum Park (Normanton) Music and Family Day in the Sun.

Arboretum Park in the heart of the Normanton district of Derby was host to a small Music Festival ( courtesy of Derby City Council)  and a Family Fun Day ( courtesy of Pear Tree Baptist Church) . It is famed as being one of the first urban recreational parks in England. This area of Derby has some negative notoriety and the park is home to drunks and drug dealers on occasions – but during the day is a pleasant place for people to walk, relax and get away from the claustrophobia of the terraced streets.

Billed as a “Live Music Extravaganza” , the music festival was one of 3 dates planned for the summer period. They are designed to give an opportunity for local talent to perform in public.

It was good to see people from all sections of the community playing, enjoying the entertainment and having fun…in the Sun.











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