Asylum Seekers / Refugees

Derby Refugees, Asylum Seekers and migrants : help is on hand to get back to work.

Derby News refugee asylum seeker migrant  trainingDerby is home to many asylum seekers and refugees, a lot of whom are very educated and professional people. Unfortunately for those who are still at asylum seeker status, they are not allowed to work which makes coping with daily life a major problem. When they are granted permission to stay in the UK, and so gain refugee status, they are then allowed to secure employment however this is very difficult given the circumstances in which they arrived into the country. Local help in breaking down the barriers and managing the British system is essential for most people.

Upbeat Communities, a Derby based charitable organization, has many years of experience supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees. On 23rd April 2014, they launched a programme, called “Step 2 Work” (funded by the European Social Fund). This has been designed specifically to support people in this situation, as well as other migrants who are unemployed, to find jobs, or to become self-employed . For those who do not have a permission to work then this is an opportunity to build up skills, and preparedness for when they are, hopefully, given “leave to remain” in the UK.

The course will run for 6 months starting from next week. It will start, initially, with general sessions on Confidence and self-esteem building, Communication and presentation, Time management skills, and Career exploration. From this point the participants can decide whether they follow the employment or enterprise path, depending on their personal aspirations.

The training will be provided by people who have experience of running businesses and/or providing education in this field. The key trainers are Elliot Cooper, Anthony Adams, and Karina Martin ( of Upbeat Communities). The formal sessions will be supported by “work clubs”, individual participant mentors, work experience, or volunteer placement options. The whole course is available for AIM accreditation.

Typically, those people who do gain refugee status are significantly under-utilised and have to do jobs well below their personal and demonstrable potential. Needless to say, there are no easy answers, and to make this programme work the participants have to be committed to working hard at achieving the goals but, at least, here, they do it in the full knowledge that there is focussed and experienced support to help them on their journey.

There are spaces for up to 18 people and there are still vacancies as of 24th April 2014. Please contact for more details.

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